EDLC(Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitor) is mainly used for energy storage rather than a component in an electric circuit. It is mainly used in energy smoothing and momentary-load devices. EDLC is used in KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) devices used in vehicles and other applications where fast charging is required.

How Super Capacitor Works
  • Super capacitor consists of two nonreactive porous plates and electrolyte with an applied voltage across the plates
  • Positive plate attracts negative ions in the electrolyte and Negative plate attracts positive ions in the electrolyte
  • There are two layers of capacitive storage, one where the charges are separated at the positive plate and another at the negative plate

Advantages of Super Capacitor
  • Super capacitor has long life (up to 10 yrs) compared to conventional capacitor
  • Storage capacity of super capacitors are in the range of 1000 Farads while conventional capacitor has only in the range of 100 micro Farads
  • It withstands against changes in temperature, shock, overcharging and discharging efficiency
  • It requires less maintenance
  • Super capacitor can be charged and discharged several times
  • It is environmental friendly when it is disposed

Significance of Activated Carbon in Super Capacitor
  • In super capacitor the electrode is made from high porous activated carbon
  • The porous structure of this material gives high surface area up to 2000 meter square/g
  • The combination of enormous surface area and extremely small charge separation gives the super capacitor an outstanding capacitance

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